Take a journey to the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia and explore the burial chamber of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, in this UNESCO-protected archaeological wonder just in 39 minutes from hotel Agiannis.

Visiting the Royal Tombs at Vergina (ancient Aigai) is to travel to the epicentre of the famous Kingdom of Macedonia, which ruled supreme in Greece and far beyond in the 4th century BC.

This is where King Philip II of Macedon lived and died from 382-336BC and where his son, Alexander the Great, was crowned before setting out on his legendary empire-building quest.

Today, Vergina allows us to enjoy an extraordinary insight into the ancient capital of Macedonia. It’s not just an archaeological wonder, but one of the world’s great burial sites – alongside Mycenae, Troy and the Egyptian Valley of the Kings – because, like them, the most significant tombs (including that of Philip II) were discovered unlooted and virtually intact.

Only excavated in the 1970s and now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the royal tombs are presented within a grass-covered mound, mimicking the original burial tumulus of the Macedonians. Along with the palatial tomb of Philip II within it are those of Alexander’s teenage son (Alexander IV) and other family members, along with some of the most iconic treasures of Greek antiquity.

source: discovergreece

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